New Covenant Blessing

Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord! Luke 5:8

Most Christians know the story. Jesus got into Peter’s boat to preach. When he was done he told Peter to launch out into deeper water for a catch. When Peter did, it was the biggest catch of his life!

Let me ask you this question: which came first—Peter’s repentance or God’s blessing? Under the new covenant of grace, God blesses you first, and His blessings, favor, and overflowing love lead you to repentance! Peter and his crew of mariners had toiled painstakingly all night and caught nothing. Then, when Jesus stepped for the first time into his boat, Peter’s business suddenly experienced a surge beyond his wildest imagination.

Today, the same thing can happen to you in your career, family, or health, as you open your heart to receive the Lord’s goodness and love.

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