My Dance With Grace

And the Child grew and became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him. Luke 2:40

Imagine a little girl going to a dance with her Daddy. She doesn’t know how to dance. She can wiggle, giggle, and have lots of fun. The little girl wants to dance and please her Daddy. Ignorantly and boldly she squirms in front of her Daddy, showing off how she interprets dance. She twirls, giggles, bends, and swings. She is utterly moved by delight.

Her Daddy wants his little girl to dance, but knows she’s just wiggling and giggling with no form or style. The Daddy considers instructing his little girl, offering guidance and providing lessons. But the Daddy is all too aware of his delightful little love. He knows that putting demands upon her to dance would ultimately crush her love saturated heart and replace the freedom of her joy with laborious do’s and don’ts. Knowing the tasks of the lessons and knowing the freedom of his little girl’s joy, the Daddy chooses a different way, a better way. He chooses one that will both satisfy his little girl’s desire to dance for her Daddy and his desire to teach her dance.

The night finally comes, and the Daddy takes his little care free girl to a dance. The Daddy bends down to his dolled up, little girl’s level and gives her one simple instruction: trust in me. He then lifts her up and sets her tiny feet onto his. As the music plays, the Daddy begins to dance. They move, they twirl, they bend, hand in hand, tiny little princess shoes firmly planted on top of her Daddy’s laces, they are moving across the floor in total harmony as one. As they dance, some stare in amazement. Others glare in confused bewilderment. And a few burn in frustration. How can this unlearned, unpracticed, undeserved little girl dance, if you can even call that dancing!?

You see, the father could have sat the girl down and tried to teach her all the steps. He could have sent her off to dance classes to learn from another. But he chose to let her liberty in his grace flourish. His only request? “Trust me.” As she did, she allowed her Daddy to lead, taking every step, twisting her and twirling her every which way. To the astonished and the frustrated onlookers, she was dancing—wasn’t she? She didn’t know the steps. She wasn’t taking any actions, she made no effort. But she danced! Yet it was her Daddy moving her, with her, and leading her. And she did so with no knowledge, no understanding of how to dance. All she knew was the liberty of grace with her Daddy, and all she did was follow one simple instruction: “trust in me.” As she trusted her Daddy, she did the impossible—automatically!

This is what grace and faith in Christ is. This is believing on Him. This is fulfilling the law. This is what walking in the Spirit is. This is life in grace.

You may wish to tell me all your theology, you may wish to set me straight. But you are too late! Grace has come to me and asked me to trust Him. And we are already dancing!